Monster Cleaning Epsom was setted down long years ago.  Like every new company we were small, but we never give up on improving our services, even when you rate us with first prise.

We add value to our services every day because we strive for perfection.

Now our position on the market is stable and we have many teams which are flexible to provide the service at the time you have requested. We have built up strong working manners, ethics and positive individual approach for every single customer. This is how we create and cultivate stable relations and loyalty with our customers.

As a company in the cleaning industry we follow the highest standards, in order to keep our customers satisfied. The management of the company keeps themselves informed about the services and market potions of the other companies, we have arrived at the conclusion that we are the only organisation that provides specialised services on such a high level. We are the only ones with the ability to accommodate each customer at the most convenient time for them, no matter if it’s in the morning or in the afternoon, over the Weekends or Holidays, and comes with no hidden additional charges and fees.


For those who live outside Epsom, we are glad to announce that now, as a  bigger organisation we have available teams all over London and Greater London, so we can ensure that we are able to assist twice as  many customers.


Just call us for more information and we  will organise it for you! Because we are here to make your life easier and brighter!


As a leading company we promote usage of non toxic, eco-friendly detergents. We are ecologically aware, we need to protect our environment for healthier life!

Everyone knows that service without proper and equipment can not be performed up to the high standards our customers have come to expect from us. That is why we invest in today’s leading machines and tools that tackle even the most frustratingly difficult to clean spots. Rest assured that with us the outcomes is nothing short from perfect! Our prices include all the materials and equipment needed for a great service to be completed!

We have managed to find a  way to provide low cost services and still offer you a a high cleaning standard. Share your needs and budget with our office staff and and you will receive an offer that will both meet all your expectations,exceed them and you won’t have to break the bank in order to afford it!